Shout out to JP Keenan and Sutton Raphael

9:42 PM Aida Alami 7 Comments

Two of our students from last semester are showing the film they produced during their semester in Rabat at thMinneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.

Willing to Break is an electrifying documentary portrait about young Moroccan women and their passion for break dancing.

The film was produced and directed by a trio of talented young filmmakers: Sutton Raphael, JP Keenan and Loubna Fouzar.

Sutton and Raphael will be present at the showing of the documentary which explores the life of the only veiled break-dancer in Morocco and her perseverance in a counterculture dominated by men.

These young producers and directors were mentored by veteran film-makers at Round Earth Media, a worldwide partnership that's training the next generation of global journalists. Raphael and Keenan produced this film while on an SIT Study Abroad program in Morocco

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