The New Paris Podcast: The Stories that Shaped France in 2020

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This is the final episode of this train wreck year. But to recap in a way that goes beyond the specifically wrenching horror of Covid, I’m joined by my friends and regular guests Lauren Collins and Aida Alami. We’re going to chat about some of the OTHER big stories that shaped France in 2020.

Lauren Collins:
Aida Alami:
Benjamin Griveaux scandal:…veaux-macron.html
Agnès Buzyn drama:…r-paris-coronavirus
Gabriel Matzneff investigation:…hilia-france.html
Christophe Girard scandal:…paris-france.html
Lies about masks:…es-new-questions
BLM and antiracism protests:…police-brutality
Lauren's Assa Traoré profile:…-lives-in-france
Knife attack:…91_story.html
Sonic boom over Paris:
Death of teacher Samuel Paty:…zing-muslims/
France vs the world on laicité/Islamaphobia
Gerarld Darmanin and his anti-"ethnic aisle" stance:…sparks-criticism/
France and separatism/loi sécurité globale:…aratism-security/
Macron vs the English-language media:…-new-york-times
Ben Smith piece on Macron:…erican-islam.html
Vaccine delays in France:…ns_4238653.html
Emily in Paris (ugh):…en-rose-lives-on

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